I'd like to introduce you Kazue Mizushima

Dear my friends

I'd like to introduce you Kazue Mizushima, my close friend for 20 years, who is a great musician I truly respect. I met her in 1992, when I was working as an acupuncturist at Tochoji Zen Temple near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. One day I joined a gathering invited by an artist who was my client. I met many interesting and inspiring artists in that gathering and Kazue Mizushima was one of the most outstanding ones among them.

Her original and very unique music performance is called "STRINGRAPHY" that uses the principle of a string telephone(telephone made from two cans and a piece of string). Sometime ago, in the sacred forest of Yamagata Prefecture, an idea had flashed upon her; she could stretch strings between the trees so that the entire forest could become the huge music instrument!

Later on another client of mine who was a staff member of P3 Alternative invited me to join an event featuring John Cage, who was a friend of Buckminster Fuller, the architect. In that event I introduced the article I wrote about Michio Kushi who introduced Macrobiotics to Cage, about Shizuko Yamamoto who treated Cage with Shiatsu and also about Jyoumyou Tanaka, a Buddhist monk who taught Japanese calligraphy to Cage, along with a report about Henry David Thoreau who is known as an author of “Walden”. And Kazue Mizushima had a live performance there which turned to be the first corroboration performance of Kazue and myself.

The second corroboration performance was her live performance which I planned and implemented which was held at “Oguni Dorm” , one of the largest wooden buildings in Japan, located in Oguni town of Aso, my hometown. With her STRINGRAPHY, she played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as well as My Neighbor Totoro, the theme song of a famous cartoon animation movie, and fascinated whole audience. I hope I will make the 3rd corroboration performance with her in near future.
If you have chance to come to Tokyo, I really would like you to visit her music studio. I’m sure her music will talk to you just like gentle breeze or river stream. I promise her STRINGRAPHY music will invite you to the world you have never stepped in.

Takeshi Hatano




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